My Heart Set Free

I entered the sanctuary with God to meet
The music playing was soft and sweet
A gentle voice said come; another said retreat
The soft voice echoed come and be complete
Grace and mercy are here for you tonight

Trembling inside I approached the altar
Thinking this is not the time to falter
Should I kneel or does it really matter
What to say I can barely even utter
Grace and mercy are here no matter

Kneeling now the pastor said to repeat
This simple prayer from your own heart
Lord Jesus forgive my past I entreat
Take over now and my life re-create
Grace and mercy both now do await

I felt a change as his spirit now inside
Had made me whole, true and tried
Even as my old self had somehow died
Gone was that former man of pride
Grace and mercy both now do abide

Perhaps in time as Jesus works in me
My life will reflect what was always to be
Long before he set my aching heart free
And others will also openly seek Thee
Grace and mercy now for all to see

-Glen Stapley